'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Bar T offers a free Groundwork Clinic

With all the support we have had in our ventures with the Extreme Mustang Makeover, the Bar T would like to offer a free clinic here in Pittsboro on the 30th of May at Country Farm and Home Supply. Our goal in this clinic is to share problem-solving methods for ground work issues such as manners, lounging, yielding, trailer loading, spookiness, feet-handling desensitization and safety . We will select 3 horses from local owners to work with during the clinic free of charge. If you would like us to work with your horse you can sign up in advance at Country Farm and Home Supply in Pittsboro or contact me at TheBarTranch@gmail.com/919-428-3209. The clinic will run from 9 to 12.

Pardon moves to Louisiana

Sunday morning found us with mixed feelings. Pardon and I will part today with mixed emotions. Knowing what he's gone through makes me feel his heart is much bigger than the average horse. We're up on the auction block in 17th place and I think he feels the pressure is now off. Chapin moves in first and puts on a great show with Razin' Cain and is auctioned off to a riding facility in Texas. The new owners seem very pleased and honored to have such a nice horse. Pardon and I are next and he performes well as the auctioneer rattles off the numbers. The sale prices are not nearly as great as last year but he is sold to a young lady in Lousania that already has a couple of other mustangs. I meet Lauren back in the stall area and am very pleased with her manner and understanding of mustangs. She haltered Pardon herself and we move out for a photo session for a last picture with Pardon and his new owner. I wish them fairwell and off we go headed back to NC.
I've been in touch with Lauren in LA several times since and she seems very pleased with their growing progress.