'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FT Worth and Pardon

We awoke with the energy of spaghetti. All were dragging but Pardon and Ft Worth had to meet. So up and at-um and down to the livery. All horses looked as if they had walked the entire distance themselves. Were they ever so tired. I brought Pardon out to the trailer and fed him during a good brushing and saddling. We moved around the area a bit before Exchange Street and he did quite well with all the distractions. Chapin and Emily both brought out their horses and we move up towards Exchange and Main for some pictures. The horses did well and were quite a sight for all the tourist that happened by for pictures. Pardon was quite the ham for all photo shoots with strangers and us alike. We got some great shots and I think it gave him a chance to realize all people don't consume horse meat. We rode around town for a couple of hours and met another EMM trainer from Washington State. He, his wife and sister had taken 4 days to make the jaunt to Ft Worth for the challenge. During our visit we made several neat pictures. Dusty is a full time trainer and had done very well with his EMM horse Delford. Another good friend made.
We had to move the horses over to the Will Rogers Complex by noon so off we go so we can get in a little arena time before the evening trainer meeting.
Upon arrival Pardon real quick decided he didn't want any part in this malay of horses, people, trucks, dogs, tractors, golf carts, loud speakers and mass confusion. I kinda felt the same way but this is what it's all about. So we find out stalls, case the area for all practice area's and make out plan. We decided to practice 2 times, 1 at 3:30 and another at 7:30. Each practice was for 30 mins so you had the make the best of your time. With over 250 horses there were alot of oops!
Our first practice was just with halter. To reach the arena you had to go thru a tunnel from 1 building to the next. The tunnel was large but very spooky for a horse. Pardon did well with this after a little coxing and promises that there were no equine eaters around. In the arena and we focused on relaxing and moving thru the obstacles and trailer loading. All went well and I was very pleased with the little fellow. Back for chow and the trainers meeting and practice under saddle.
The trainers meeting was typical with the opportunity to meet all the sponsors for the challenge. The judges were also introduced with Ken McNab being the celebrity. A great guy and super personality. Guy Wood, the winner from last year was also a selected judge. Meeting over and back for the last practice.
Pardon did not want to have anything to do with the tunnel under saddle. I took Chapin and Razin' Cain to coax Pardon thru with lots of stop and go to get thru. I knew if I got off and lead him it would defeat the purpose so we just worked thru it with patience and time. Made it and into the arena as if he'd never been there. Here we go again, you just gotta love him for his shortcomings. He just tries so hard but has so much to overcome. Anyway, 30 min's of banners, flowers, timbers, bridges, other excited horses was all he could stand. I felt he did well considering his abilities so we called it quits for the night. Start time tomorrow? 8:AM.

Texas or Bust!

The time is finally here and the big question is.......are we ready? Well, don't think so but 100 days is 100 days so here we go. We attempt to leave out around 2:00in the afternoon of Monday but Pardon and Holly-Go-Lightly must have figured out that they were in for a long ride. Never had either one ever refused to load until then. After 30 min's or so we finally convinced them that it was better in than out so off we went. Our travel party consisted of 3 horses, Pardon, Razin' Cain, and Holly. Pardon and Razin'Cain were both makeover horses with the latter being my son's EMM horse. Our 2 legged passengers were myself, Chapin, my son, Cody his special friend and Daniel, my nephew. Our plans were to drive stright thru and arrive around 12 noon on Tuesday and pick up Emily at the airport.
We had a few things on our mind for the trip. 1.Fuel, was it going to be a problem finding it after Ike. 2. Stops with the horses, were we going to have another loading problem, and 3. Had the storm cleared it's way past Texas and Arkansas. As luck would have it all 3 were non-issues and we make it to Ft Worth by 11:00 AM the following day. The trip went without a hitch and all were excited as we pulled into the Stockyards. We boarded the horses again this year at the Livery in the Stockyards historical district. My friend Gene, manager for the livery and the famous steer rider along Exchange Street was still around and he made us feel as welcomed as a buzzard on road kill. Horses boarded, stores to visit, ribs to eat and we were done for the night.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Wopper of a Success!

Have you ever been shocked beyond belief with the gratitude and generosity of friends and stranger alike. Well, that is just what happened this weekend at the fundraiser. As mentioned earlier Jill and Connor Blakeney hosted a fundraiser to support t myself, Emily and Chapin on our journey to Ft. Worth for this years Extreme Mustang Makeover.
We arrived on site Saturday morning to find Dallas and company (owner of Southern States) hard at work getting the grounds ready for the event. Jill and Connor with a task force consisting of Missy and Joann, Shorty Cash, and Molly Brooks had put together a program for the day that consisted of meeting the horses, trainers, slide presentation, display board of several local mustangs, food, beverages, door prizes, raffle drawings and just good fellowship. All Team Thomas had to do was just show off our mustangs, meet some great people and do a couple of demo’s. The horses performed wonderfully with each trainer taking a few min’s to show off their accomplishments and speak with the crowd. As a father I have never been so proud as to watch my two kids show their stuff. Chapin ran Raszin Cain through his paces and finalized with a standing display in the saddle as he fired off 6 shots from his pistol. Cain performed without a glitch! Emily and Holly-Go-Lightly displayed a bond that only a young lady could create with a young horse. Upon finishing up her ground work she finished up with a bull whip and crawling through Holly’s legs. Now, how much prouder could a father be.
Total attendance seemed to be somewhere around 75 folks and proceeds totaled over $1,100 dollars. WOW! I can never express the friendship and appreciation from these attending horse lovers. With additional donations from a special friend from the coast, a local training and breeding facility in Sanford, The 11 Bar East, 2 local Vets, Dr Richard Kirkman, and Dr. Bonnie Terrell, we topped the mark at over $2,000 dollars. So, with all that being said I can only say for myself, Emily and Chapin thank you and we love you all! You are the ones that make dreams come true and are a large part in making the American Mustang a symbol in Chatham County.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More info on the Show and Tell


With 100 days to tame wild to mild, 200 trainers from across America will gentle 200 Wild Nevada Mustangs in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas
WHEN: Saturday September 13th, 2008
WHERE: Country Farm & Home Supply, 203 S. Small Street in Pittsboro.
Chat with the trainers, see the horses, have breakfast, check out store sale items. Free breakfast for first 10 in line at the grill.

Jimmy, Emily, and Chapin will work their horses in the round pen and discuss techniques for working with wild mustangs.

Local owners will share slides and their experience in adopting mustang weanlings from Nevada.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

We've made the turn!

The past couple of weeks have really been great for Pardon. Daily riding and just human contact has caused the little fellow to grow inside and out. His nerves has worked a toll on his weight but as he relaxes his weight is coming back. His attitude around other horses is very relaxed except for strange areas. After the trip to Uhawarie we've made a couple of small trips to add to his exposure. It does seem he forgets the small things, leading thought a gate that he went thru yesterday, walking down the isle of the barn he enters on his own daily, I just can't figure. He still will back into any fear with little concern opposed to walking forward into it. Hmmmmm. Yesterday he had a pedicure on all four feet for the second time. I really think he enjoyed the quite time and contact. I think the heel clicking with his back feet might come from his feet being out of balance. Both bars on his rear feet caused an inside step. I trimmed that down and that should move him more center on his step and balance. (But what do I know, I'm no farrier). I'll consult George on that one. He really helped alot with Medicine Man last year and I respect his knowledge.
We had another visitor this week from Jacksonville, NC. Sherie brought up a mustang she's had for 10 months for a little team building. She has a really nice sorrel that is going to make a great trail horse. She had done alot of ground work with him and with a couple of pointers I think they'll be riding within a couple of weeks.
I did take Pardon out for show and tell while she was here and thought he didn't impress her on the ground I do think his movements under saddle did get a compliment. His only big issue now is an ear problem he's picked put. His right ear has suddenly become off limits. At first I thought it might be an infection or soreness but after alot of working around it I can't find a tender spot. It's just when you first approach it with the bridle or your hands. He takes the bit well but when you pull it up and over he's very resistant. We'll get thru it I'm sure. Just time and patience.

Now, what can we do with him.........walk, trot, lope on demand with a slight cluck and squeeze. Stops from a lope in 3-4 steps. Backs with little finger pressure. Flexes left and right, bends at the pole. Handles all four feet with no problem. Water, logs, ditches, hills, bridges, are all no concern. He catches fairly easy with a halter, (the ear thing without). Cars are no problem, throw a rope from his back, pulls a log forward and backwards. Saddles without being tied, stands untied for saddling, feet trimming, grooming and washing. Wears a blue tarp like a raincoat, ropes around his legs no problem, stands for whips popping as well a firearms. Backs thru an L shaped course, turns left and right within an eight foot box. Can turn off both the front and rear feet with slight cues. When the monsters do get him he shuts down with a slight one rein lift. All in all a good little fellow.
Just want to remind everyone again of the fundraiser next weekend in Pittsboro at the Southern States, 8:30 to 12:00. Food and fellowship available with lots of raffle items plus we want to meet you!