'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We've made the turn!

The past couple of weeks have really been great for Pardon. Daily riding and just human contact has caused the little fellow to grow inside and out. His nerves has worked a toll on his weight but as he relaxes his weight is coming back. His attitude around other horses is very relaxed except for strange areas. After the trip to Uhawarie we've made a couple of small trips to add to his exposure. It does seem he forgets the small things, leading thought a gate that he went thru yesterday, walking down the isle of the barn he enters on his own daily, I just can't figure. He still will back into any fear with little concern opposed to walking forward into it. Hmmmmm. Yesterday he had a pedicure on all four feet for the second time. I really think he enjoyed the quite time and contact. I think the heel clicking with his back feet might come from his feet being out of balance. Both bars on his rear feet caused an inside step. I trimmed that down and that should move him more center on his step and balance. (But what do I know, I'm no farrier). I'll consult George on that one. He really helped alot with Medicine Man last year and I respect his knowledge.
We had another visitor this week from Jacksonville, NC. Sherie brought up a mustang she's had for 10 months for a little team building. She has a really nice sorrel that is going to make a great trail horse. She had done alot of ground work with him and with a couple of pointers I think they'll be riding within a couple of weeks.
I did take Pardon out for show and tell while she was here and thought he didn't impress her on the ground I do think his movements under saddle did get a compliment. His only big issue now is an ear problem he's picked put. His right ear has suddenly become off limits. At first I thought it might be an infection or soreness but after alot of working around it I can't find a tender spot. It's just when you first approach it with the bridle or your hands. He takes the bit well but when you pull it up and over he's very resistant. We'll get thru it I'm sure. Just time and patience.

Now, what can we do with him.........walk, trot, lope on demand with a slight cluck and squeeze. Stops from a lope in 3-4 steps. Backs with little finger pressure. Flexes left and right, bends at the pole. Handles all four feet with no problem. Water, logs, ditches, hills, bridges, are all no concern. He catches fairly easy with a halter, (the ear thing without). Cars are no problem, throw a rope from his back, pulls a log forward and backwards. Saddles without being tied, stands untied for saddling, feet trimming, grooming and washing. Wears a blue tarp like a raincoat, ropes around his legs no problem, stands for whips popping as well a firearms. Backs thru an L shaped course, turns left and right within an eight foot box. Can turn off both the front and rear feet with slight cues. When the monsters do get him he shuts down with a slight one rein lift. All in all a good little fellow.
Just want to remind everyone again of the fundraiser next weekend in Pittsboro at the Southern States, 8:30 to 12:00. Food and fellowship available with lots of raffle items plus we want to meet you!

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