'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Monday, June 8, 2009

I would call it a success!

Just wanted to give a follow up on the clinic from last Saturday held at Country Farm and Home Supply in Pittsboro.
As you may have read earlier the Bar T offered a free clinic for all horse lovers in the area. Turnout was great with over fifty attendees coming thru during the three hours. We had selected four horses prior in the week thru conversations with their owners on the phone with no first hand knowledge other than what the owner had shared. On Saturday morning three horses showed up for the clinic with the forth having transportation issues.
The three horses in attendance were Piute, a seven year old Mustang with feet issues. During her last few times with the farrier Kristy shared that they've had to use a sedative to shoe her on the front and little trimming was possible on the rear. The second was a yearling gelding, Gucci, a halter bred QH. Kate expressed his lack of respect in handling and dominance issues and the third, A nice eight year old Morgan. Victoria expressed Image had lots of issues with things on the ground from hoses to barn items.

Results, Piute had her front feet picked and rasped with alot of hammering on the shoes and a trim on the rear feet. All without tying or drugs. A wonderful mare just looking for a little patience.

Gucci is now in the land of the followers when relating to humans. He now respects your space, stands and leads with direction from his handler and lunges on line with ease.

Image, the Morgan will now walk over traffic cones and cross a tarp with ease. Her trust issues will grow with time as her owner continues to challenge her to increase her comfort zone with overcoming new fears. If anyone is looking for a beautiful Morgan, Image is available for sale. She rides and drives and has a desire to please her handler.

All training with these horses was thru pressure and release and lots of patience.
Did we cure the problems. Yes, for today but tomorrow these same things must be addressed again by their owner and the confidence of both owner and horse must be worked on many times to resolve the issue. Each day will be less difficult ending with the desired results in time.

Again, thanks to Dallas and company for providing a location, Jill and Connor Blankney for putting the event together and Kate, Christy, and Victoria for providing the patients for the clinc! We do plan to offer another clinic sometime in July in another nearby location. If you have a horse you would like to offer for the clinic please contact me via email @ thebartranch@gmail.com.