'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Sunday, June 17, 2007

And the fun just keeps on coming!

Day 8

With Father's Day on the horizion, and not knowing that the "Medicine Man" was a father or not, I kinda gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided for a light day. We just spent some relaxed time this evening just chilling. I did hang up some objects around his stall and placed a few play toys in the pen for him. Seems as if nothing scares him on his terms. He's pulled every rag, lunge line, lunge whip, rope and anything else he can get his mouth on. I did witness where all his water has been going. Seems he likes to play with and then pick up his water container and slosh it around 'til its empty. Maybe he just don't like the dogs drinking with him. I guess that's about it for now. Tomorrow? Lets just wait and see!

Day 7

Saturday was filled with a lot of opportunities to spend 5-10 minutes at a time with "Doc". I started off early morning 'r0und 7 working on the face. I found his sweet spot! Inside each ear, that's right, inside the edge and along the flap on each ear. He'll 'bout push you over bringing his head into you so you'll rub harder. Next session, around 10, I worked his right side and both feet. I was on and off his back laying, lunging, and leading him. I began another session at 1 with a fellow horse person, Molly B. She came by to see "Doc;" I had made the promise that Saturday would be the day to ride. With the horse flies in good full combat gear, we needed to give "Doc" a little relief. I first started with the spray bottle full of water and begain to mist the air. He really was into the mist and made several attemps to move just beyond the coverage. Within 5 minutes, I had covered both sided to include his rump and back legs. The next 5 minutes were with the real thing and, poof! no flies. I gave him a few minutes to dry off and on to our next adventure. Well, I had to make good on my word so "Doc's" first ride happened about 1:15 on day 7. You would have thought someone had drugged him; his response was so indiffrent I had to continually look at the brand to be sure I was on the same horse! Man, did we get lucky with this Mustang. Last session for the day was around 7 pm with more recap, flexing on both sides, and leading.

And he looks so relaxed!

5,000 miles and still treading...

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