'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mustang Makeover # 2

Hello mustang enthusiast, it's been a while since the last post so lets bring you up to date. We've, that is Emily, Chapin, and myself have all been selected to participate in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover to be held at Ft. Worth 18-22 September. Chapin and I were selected for the Makeover and Emily was selected as a yearling trainer. This years Makeover will consist of 200 mustangs and trainers and we will be competing for over $50,000 in prize money. That in itself has brought out some really superb trainers throughout the nation. North Carolina this year has 8 trainers going for the gold with 2 being returns from previous makeovers. Myself and Dave Robart, a reining trainer from the coast. Dave participated in the Mid-west challenge held in April and faired quite well placing 1st in the overall competition and came back for the run off and finished 3rd.

We will leave out Friday evening for our trip to IL to pick up our mustangs and hope to be back in Pittsboro by late Saturday evening. As last year's challenge anyone is welcome to come by the BAR T to visit and meet these wonderful horses and watch their progress. Keep us in your thoughts as we travel north for a safe trip and return!

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