'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Friday, August 7, 2009

EMM 2009, Up and Running

Welcome back folks for an update on the makeover for 2009 here at the Bar T. I had decided to sit this year out and let the young one's take over for TN. Emily and Chapin both submitted applications and were select for the Eastern States Makeover held in Murphesboro, TN in October.

We picked up the horses on the 18th of July in Cross Plains, TN with very little problems. Also along on the ride with us was Brock Griffith, another Carolina boy with lots of training experience. That made 3 from NC that was selected for the event. Emily was not along on the ride so she didn't get to see her horse until Saturday evening as she was out of the country on vacation. I'm sure the anticipation was almost more than she could handle.

First day of training for Chapin was Saturday the 19 spending about 2 hours with his horse, Tomahawk. Within those 2 hours he had removed the # tag, put on a halter, and scratched over half of his body. This is a nice and trusting horse.

Emily worked with Amicus, (Latin for Friend) on Sunday morning with nearly the same results. Neither of these horses were roped, only advance and retreat until they created the trust to be handled.

Now, I'll jump ahead 2 weeks, Emily and Chapin are both riding their horses without either ever hitting the ground. Tomahawk seems to be having some pain issues as he refuses to lope to the right. Chiropractor is scheduled for Saturday. I have never given much weight to the chiropractic medicine until earlier this spring when I decided to give it a try with another horse that had difficulties in picking up a right lead and that one trip fixed it. So, a new believer.

Amicus is showing a little favoritism in his left shoulder so Emily has used this week to work from the ground in leading, sending, crossing obstacles, backing, and further desensitizing. Last evening she worked on yielding the fore quarters, hind quarters. Chapin was standing in the saddle on Tomahawk cracking a bull whip over his head. Now that's early on trust.

Both have been on pasture during the day and spending the night in the stalls. We've added horse feed to their diet along with all the hay they can eat at night and all the grass they can eat during the day. This has really increased the weight on these little guys. Amicus is 14.1 and 760 lbs. Tomahawk is 14.3 and 850 lbs.

I do want to invite you to the blogs of 2 of these horses, Emily's blog is www.thebartfilly.blogspot.com/ and Brock's blog is thru his website at www.brockgriffithhorsemanship.com/. Still trying to encourage Chapin to catch up his blog so all the world can see.

Anyway, I'll do my best to keep you UPD and add some pictures.

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