'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Not Supose to Be This Easy

Jumping ahead to weeks 3 and 4 Creek is under saddle with two long trail rides under his belt. Sometime between week 2 and 3 we moved under saddle with rider. He was willing earlier but saw no reason to rush as we were making major headway from the ground. His first ride was uneventful as expected with no bolting or bucking. This guy really thinks things out if it's possible. For 4 days we just walked working on softness and balance. Trot and lope came with little encouragement and very little excitement. He gained the concept of moving his hips without the rest of his body rather quickly and now depends on a little leg pressure to make all tight turns. On ride 2 I stood in the saddle for visitors from across the big pond. They really took a shine to these mustangs! Creek was a perfect example of NH training and trust.

On to week 4 and 5. We trail ride about every other day for his benefit in enjoying life and work in the arena other times. Our stop is strong at walk and trot, we can separate those front feet for the rear and have half of our 360 complete. He's super soft in the mouth and is beginning to come up under himself in stops and backing. Patience on the trail is great with no preference to lead or follow. Already have a tarp in hand from the saddle as well as the stick and bag. Bull whip is tomorrow! Chiropractor coming today just for a evaluation. Don't expect much but I am a believer in their services for my equine friends.

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