'Cool Running Creek'

'Cool Running Creek'

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Riders?

I got back home Thursday evening after giving Medicine Man four days of R&R. I’d moved him in with a couple of other horses on Sunday and had hoped they would eventually set the pecking order. At first Doc wanted to be the boss and acted quite aggressive towards Scooter, a 13 yo horse Chapin uses for roping. Well, seems as if Doc just wouldn’t learn; he acquired a couple of battle bites during my absence. Seemed he’d get new ones each day so I just had to make the move. During the day he’s on pasture and night he’s up. Eventually he’d learn, but I don’t need the marks right now.

Emily and I took a trail ride on Friday evening and Chapin and I on Saturday morning. Doc is really adjusting well to the outside world having little or no issue with any obstacles found. Emily did ride him on Friday and was just thrilled with the comfort of his gates. Seems she’s been riding QH’s to long.

We had planned to take Doc to the roping pen on Saturday evening but time just ran away with us so we only took Scooter. I really missed an opportunity; there were only 6-7 other horses there and the commotion was at a minimum. (I will take him on Wednesday)

Sunday gave him another opportunity to expand his horizons; we visited another mustang owner at her place. Dean and Helena have a very nice horse complex with 7 or 8 horses. We trailered over; this was his first tied experience in a moving trailer and he was the perfect gentleman. Doc was very interested in his new surrounding with the noises, horses etc but remained calm. We each took turns riding him in the ring through his gates with no issues. His response to new riders, first Cody and then Helena, was very impressive. There were no issues except when Helena could not reach the stirrups and used her feet to hold on with by his flank. Not a drastic reaction but he did do a little crow hop with the new feel. This prompted a different saddle, one with a flank and breast strap and saddle bags. All new things. Not knowing what to expect, we lunged him a couple of laps with no reaction so back on with Helena and she carried him through his paces, walk, trot, and lope. His direction change and stops are very impressive with little bit pressure. His on board backing was worked on for the first time with good results. I think everyone was impressed with him and his ability to adjust to the new surroundings. With things going so well, along came Eileen, Helena’s sister-in-law visiting from Ireland. Not being the horse person Doc has been accustomed to, I was a bit concerned but he was quite the trainer as he carried her around the pen several times with no issues. His last rider for the day was Cassie, Helena’s 8 year old daughter, who is really a good rider. No stirrups, just a good leg grip and off she went from walk to trot. With her leg squeeze not being that of an adult, she had to result to a little rein tap to get movement with Doc just moving right along. I think Doc has a new found friend with Cassie. (Pictures on the way) That finished up the evening for him so back home for feed and rest.

Another reminder for “Meet Medicine Man” . The event will be this Sunday, the 22nd from 2-6 at our place. The address is 730 Pete Thomas Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Phone # is 919-542-4613. Were located 10 miles north of Pittsboro off hwy 87. Email for directions!

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